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Welding of stainless flat steel from China

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In this process, we should pay attention to the moderate situation of multiple links. In addition to speed and temperature, the required ratio of welding depth and breadth, but also to maintain a 1.5 to 1 and between two to one, the thickness of the welding parts to ensure that less than or equal to 12mm. The next step is to conduct the passivation of the weld surface treatment, mainly pickling passivation treatment. After this step is processed, can guarantee the stainless steel flat steel to enhance their ability.

The main advantage of using this welding method is that low-temperature welding conditions will lead to unstable internal instability of stainless steel flat steel to prevent the brittle transition of the situation. While maintaining a low temperature, there will be no intergranular corrosion or thermal cracking of the situation. The so-called ability to enhance, including corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and service life, will be a better improvement and promotion.

Welding of stainless flat steel from China

Stainless steel flat steel in accordance with the side length of different, can be divided into equal-sided stainless steel flat steel, and stainless steel flat steel two different categories. The production of these stainless steel flat, with a certain specification. The current domestic stainless steel flat steel specifications, generally 3mm * 20m-150mm. The import of stainless steel flat steel specifications, and domestic specifications there is a certain difference. For example, Japan’s production of stainless steel flat steel length range, usually about six to fifteen meters. In China, is generally three to nine meters, and four to twelve meters.

Finally, we have to look at the stainless steel welded flat hot crack when the situation. From the operational point of view, the general causes of hot cracking, may come from two aspects. On the one hand is the liquid phase and the solid phase line of the larger distance, leading to the temperature instability, and the melting point of the segregation of impurities. On the other hand, it is due to the large expansion coefficient. Want to better control this situation, try to avoid this adverse situation, we should pay attention to the following points. Including the reduction of impurities in the weld gap, the control of the metal content of the proportion of the use of standard welding process and cooling rate, and select the appropriate type of electrode and so on.

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