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How to control the precision of stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless steel welded pipe refers to steel pipe with strict inner and outer diameter dimensional accuracy (tolerance range), good internal and external surface finish, roundness, straightness and uniform wall thickness. The main technical indexes of stainless steel welded pipe produced by this technology have reached or partially exceeded the state. Requirements of standard GB12771–2002 and standard ISO4394/I-1980(E).


How to control the precision of stainless steel welded pipe is a problem worth exploring, because too many differences will make it unusable, which is a very demanding problem.


Since the surface density of the stainless steel welded pipe is relatively large, it can reach about 260 mesh even without polishing the outer surface.


If the stainless steel welded pipe is polished inside and outside, the straightness will decrease. Therefore, if there is special requirement for the straightness of the steel pipe, it is generally not recommended to carry out the polishing treatment. The polished surface of the stainless steel welded pipe is already bright.


The cold-rolled stainless steel welded pipe has excellent comprehensive performance, can withstand high pressure, cold bending, flare, flattening without cracking, wrinkle-free skin, and can perform various complicated deformation and mechanical processing. After the stainless steel welded pipe is vacuum annealed, the steel pipe can be processed. Stainless steel welded pipes are generally used in the production of mechanical structures, hydraulic equipment, machinery and other production areas.


Since the size of the stainless steel welded pipe can be customized according to the user’s needs, and the tolerance range is well controlled, it can be directly used on the mechanical equipment, and it is unnecessary to process it, which can save costs and greatly save machining time and increase production. And material utilization.


Therefore, the precision of stainless steel welded pipe products is generally controlled at about 0.02 mm.


The inner and outer polishing of stainless steel welded pipes is very important. Generally, steel pipes with a diameter of 89 mm or less have a high surface finish after polishing.


For stainless steel welded pipes of 89 mm or more, especially 108 mm or more, the outer surface is not ideal. If the surface of the welded pipe is required to have no pitting and no small holes, it is generally polished after polishing, and then automatically polished. Go back to Sohu and see more.

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