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Quenched stainless steel flat steel

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Stainless steel flat quenching process is the metal in the material processing and heat treatment process as a way of dealing with the past craftsmen in the production of metal swords or other metal objects, is to heat the metal to reach a certain temperature, and then the Hot workpiece dipped in the media to be able to make it the hardness, extensibility, wear resistance, etc. to meet certain requirements, the development of this process has been improving and mature today, quenching has become an industry terminology, stainless steel flat steel Quenching to now has become very perfect.

We all understand a truth, that is, if a person after more than a hardship but will become strong, and take the road will become a walking fitter, the truth in the stainless steel flat quenching process is also applicable, in order to improve the steel Strength, fatigue properties, toughness and wear resistance, which in use to achieve satisfactory results, first of all steel to a certain temperature, the temperature of the steel according to the different needs of different, to a certain temperature and then maintain A period of time, the last rapid cooling to complete the entire quenching process, in fact, not only stainless steel flat steel for such a process, other materials also need this procedure, such as titanium, aluminum and glass materials, such treatment Allowing these materials to play out its maximum effectiveness, a wider range of applications, performance and more excellent.

Quenched stainless steel flat steel

Stainless steel flat quenching process is simple divided into three stages, that is, heating, heat preservation and cooling, according to the different properties of steel heating temperature is different from several hundred degrees to more than a thousand degrees, the heating temperature according to the actual production temperature The heating and heating time of a certain temperature is determined by the composition of the steel, the heating mode of the equipment and the specific parameters of the equipment. The two links that affect the quality of quenching are heating and insulation. The third stage of cooling is also a very important part. It determines whether the machined part is able to achieve the required mechanical properties, parts of the shape and size is accurate.


Stainless steel flat quenching a variety of ways, according to the quenching medium can be divided into single and double dielectric quenching medium quenching, in addition to grading quenching, isothermal quenching, surface hardening and other means, precisely because this process can reach people want to To a variety of steel structure, so in the modern manufacturing industry is widely used, in addition to the overall hardening and local hardening and surface hardening, especially in aircraft, ships, rockets, cars of various mechanical parts, almost no After quenching, it is precisely because of the quenching process technology, which makes the various parts of stainless steel flat steel to meet all the technical needs, in all walks of life play its immeasurable role.

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