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440a stainless steel sheet sold in China

Stainless steel sheet deep drawing characteristics brought about by the mold selection, heat treatment, processing and process lubrication and other issues directly affect the product quality, production, cost and die life. In the case of

Characteristics of stainless steel sheet drawing and adhesive

As the yield point of stainless steel is high, the hardness is high and the cold hardening effect is remarkable. The characteristics of stainless steel sheet are as follows:

1) due to thermal conductivity than ordinary low carbon steel, resulting in the required deformation of large.

2) stainless steel sheet deep drawing, the plastic deformation of severe hardening, thin sheet is easy to wrinkle deep, full of large blank holder force.

3) The rebound caused by the bending and reverse bending of the sheet at the fillet of the drawing die usually forms a recessed deformation on the side wall of the product so that the product with high dimensional accuracy and shape requirement needs to be increased. In the case of

4) stainless steel sheet drawing process prone to sticky tumor phenomenon.

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