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Offer 304 stainless steel and carbon steel three points

304 stainless steel pipe can be used to increase the intensity of cold processing, but if compared with the total area of ​​the smaller bending area and ignore this increase, the intensity can increase to a certain extent, improve the safety factor.

First, cold working 304 stainless steel to produce hardening, for example, when bending anisotropy, namely: horizontal and vertical performance is different.

Second, the stress / strain curve shape is different, 304 stainless steel elastic limit is about 50% of the yield stress, the standard specified in the minimum value, the yield stress value is lower than the carbon steel yield stress value.

Third, 304 stainless steel has no yield point, usually with ó0.2 to indicate that the yield stress is considered equivalent.

304 stainless steel pipe welded joint design and general steel welded joint design similar. The selected weld joint design must ensure that the weld has the appropriate strength and service life, while the welding cost is low. The butt welds used for corrosion purposes should be full welds. Fill the fillet weld is not necessary to all penetration, as long as the two sides or both ends of the welding, sealing the accumulation of liquid cracks caused by cracks can be.

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