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Quality stainless steel ball quality focus

The importance of the quality of stainless steel ball Stainless steel ball is now widely used in building materials, mining, electricity, metallurgy and other major industrial areas, especially the precision industry. Steel balls play a huge role in the development of national economy.

It is the most important part of the bearing, so the quality of the ball directly affect the bearing quality; and the ball is the most used in the bearing industry rolling body. So for a good bearing must use high quality steel ball in order to obtain a good use of the results, get a long period of use.


The quality of stainless steel balls is directly related to the industry they serve, what does it affect the quality of steel balls? In fact, the material is different, or, for example, some of the strength of ultra-high alloy materials, the ball is produced by the wear-resistant wear-resistant steel ball is extremely high.

Of course, its cost is superb, widely used in aerospace and some large-scale industry. So in order to obtain high-quality steel ball, factory inspection is also necessary. For example, look at the surface of the ball there is no spots, broken, rust and so on. For some unqualified products.

Must be re-processed to ensure its appearance quality. Their promotion and application, not only to promote the development of steel ball production, but also to promote the relevant industry technology development and technological progress.

Mainly including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy steel and agate, glass, ceramic ball and other industries. So that the quality of the ball directly related to the national forward, can not be careless.

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