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Stainless Steel Wire Production Process


Stainless steel wire production process flow and main processes, in view of the production process of environmental pollution, to explore the application of clean technology.

Through the descaling process test, surface coating processing experiment, drawing process and working procedures after test, feasible conclusion:
1.The pollution-free production, stainless steel wire for 304 steel is feasible, it can produce acquired and straight wire products;

2.Grade 430 (ferritic stainless steel wire pollution-free production there is a difficulty. Oxidation surface light can be used to pull, surface strength has improved, can meet the requirements of mechanical descaling;

3. The use of mechanical wire brush to rust or use mechanical peeling way to rust, need to add a non oxidation (vacuum annealing furnace or gas annealing furnace) annealing treatment, pollution-free production can be realized. The clean pollution-free stainless steel wire rod production process and the middle wire without surface pickling, composite derusting steel slag can be 100% recovery, reduce resource consumption and comply with overall requirements of the current energy conservation and environmental protection.

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