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Stainless Steel Round Bar


We are original exactly manufacturer specialize for stainless steel bar, rod, wire sheet etc by all sizes and specification, stainless steel round bar is one of our advantageous product, stainless steel round bar is a kind of cylindrical stainless steel products, it has wide application in our life.

Stainless steel round bar can be divided into different series according to it’s application, it has 200 300 400 series, stainless steel round bar include 316, 304L, 304, 310 Stainless steel round bar etc. 200 series include 202, 201 etc. 400 series include 410, 420, 430 etc. 200 series usually have same features, they all belong to Chromium, nickel, Mn stainless steel. 300 series have good corrosion, heat resistance, strength and mechanical propoties at low temperature. Stainless steel round bar has different surface include brown surface, pickled surface and polish surface. We can as per customer any inquirements to produce it.

In our modern life, stainless steel products has be used in any area, Especially stainless steel round bar, in big area, such as, it be used for airplane, the car and hardware according to needs, in small area, it also used for water heat, oven and so on. people use it usually because of it’s high quality and strength corrosion etc.

Our company founded in 1998 with long history and strong technology, we adopt advanced technology and equipment to produce. Welcome to your visiting.


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