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stainless steel angle is good or bad quality distinction

We know that today’s stainless steel angle steel in the bridge construction, beam beam bracket, manufacturing, ship and other fields widely used, so the market demand is very large, thus promoting the stainless steel angle more business and the emergence of many product brands, then how Choose a more high-quality stainless steel angle it? Today’s professionals give us a way to analyze the difference between stainless steel angle? Take a look at it.


First, from the appearance of distinction.

In the appearance of quality requirements of the industry standard has a clear provision, especially in the stratification, scarring, cracks and other provisions are more specific, then there is the implementation of the standard for the geometric deviation also has certain requirements, such as: bending, , Edge thickness, top angle, theoretical quality and other projects have strict rules, which can be very good from the appearance of the show, but also the difference between stainless steel angle is very effective basis for a good or bad.

Second, through the chemical composition to identify.

Through the chemical composition to identify more scientific, because the chemical composition of stainless steel angle is more general structure of rolling steel series, the main indicators for the C, MN, P, S four test standards. At the same time, according to the characteristics of different grades of its chemical content also has some differences, but there is a reasonable interval such as: C <0.22%, Mn: 0.30-0.65%, P <0.060%, S <0.060%. For these chemical composition we can GB223, JISG1211-1215, BS1837, BS manual 19, ГОСТ22536 and other methods to detect, so as to achieve a variety of brands of stainless steel angle of the chemical composition of the test, so as to achieve the quality of the inspection standards.

Relatively speaking, it is more convenient to distinguish stainless steel angles from the appearance, but there is no chemical way to detect more standards and persuasiveness, but chemical composition testing is more trouble, so usually we are more through the appearance of quality requirements Identify the quality of stainless steel angle is good or bad. Regardless of how these two distinctions between true and false methods for our choice of excellent stainless steel angle made an effective guarantee, we can be targeted to these methods to identify and meet their own needs.


It is precisely because the stainless steel angle in our lives in many industries and areas have been more applications, so the rapid development of the industry, more businesses into the industry competition, there is a large number of brand products to serve the needs of the public life At the same time, to a certain extent, fake real, shoddy phenomenon often appear, so we buy stainless steel angle when we must polish our eyes, but also with our agile brain thinking, to prevent deceived, better selection Genuine stainless steel angle steel products and services us.

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