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Priced at 316L stainless steel pipe supply

Stainless steel pipe production process:

Raw materials – sliver – welded pipe – repair – polishing – inspection (printing) – packaging – shipping (warehousing) (decorative pipe)

Raw material – sliver – welded pipe – heat treatment – correction – straightening – repair – pickling – water pressure test – inspection (jet printing) – packaging – shipping (warehousing) (Pipe for piping industrial pipe)

Performance of Stainless Steel Pipe at Low Temperature

1. Low temperature embrittlement — In low temperature environment, the deformation energy is small. In low temperature environment, the elongation and the decrease of the shrinkage of the section are called low temperature embrittlement. And more in the ferrite series of body-centered cubic tissue. In the case of

2. Low temperature processing — martensitic stainless steel from the austenitizing temperature quenching and then cooled to a very low temperature, in order to promote the martensite quenching method. Suitable for easy production of residual austenitic stainless steel.

Stainless steel tube at low temperatures, resistance, linear expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, mass hot melt and magnetic will change greatly. Resistance, linear expansion coefficient at low temperature becomes smaller; thermal conductivity, mass heat capacity at a low temperature drastically reduced.


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