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42CrMo seamless steel pipe

Posted on 周五, 12 1月 2018 08:34:36 +0000

Stainless steel seamless pipe is a hollow section, no seam around the strip of steel. 1. Seamless steel pipe manufacturing process and process: Smelting> Ingot> Rolling> Sawing> Peeling> Perforation> Annealing> Pickling> Ashing> Cold Drawing> Cutting Head> Picklin...

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Q345c hot-rolled plate

Posted on 周二, 09 1月 2018 02:22:07 +0000

Hot-rolled stainless steel plate is relatively low strength, the surface quality is almost (oxidation \ finish low), but good plasticity, usually plate, cold rolled plate: high strength \ high hardness, high surface finish, generally thin plate, Stamping board · The straight hair volume by cuttin...

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Stainless steel cold rolled coil market prices

Posted on 周五, 05 1月 2018 01:53:38 +0000

August 22, the black futures fell overnight, the agency that this is the market for the recent policy continued to cool the black product of a reasonable reflection. From the industry’s profit trend in terms of. Determine the core of the industry boom is still the relationship between suppl...

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5083-H111 Aluminum sheet

Posted on 周四, 04 1月 2018 02:13:31 +0000

Chemical Property: Al :Margin; Si :0.40 Fe : 0.40 Cu :0.10 Mg:4.4-4.9 Ti:0.15 Zn:0.2 Mn:03.-1.0 Cr :0.05-0.25 Mechanical Property: T.S: 250℃MPa Y.S: 250℃MPa Application: The main alloying element in the alloy is magnesium, which has good corrosion resistance and solderability, as well as...

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TISCO 321 stainless steel coil

Posted on 周五, 22 12月 2017 08:17:55 +0000

        A survey by the International Stainless Steel Coil Forum shows that most Europeans do not know that steel is as reproducible as other commonly used materials such as paper, glass and aluminum.           Stainless Steel Coil in fact, because the austenitic stainless steel coil contain...

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316L stainless steel roll sale price

Posted on 周三, 20 12月 2017 06:03:24 +0000

Stainless steel coil characteristics: suitable for the production of various furnace components, the maximum temperature of 1200 ℃, continuous use temperature 1150 ℃. Stainless steel coil Physical properties: 1. The coefficient of thermal expansion is caused by changes in the temperature of the m...

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Hot rolled 916L stainless steel welded pipe

Posted on 周二, 19 12月 2017 08:05:50 +0000

916L stainless steel welded pipe the use of appropriate lubricants on the deep drawing of stainless steel has a significant effect. Lubricant in the convex and concave die to form a layer of a certain toughness and elongation of the film, which is conducive to the deep drawing of stainless steel ...

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High quality 316L stainless steel plate features

Posted on 周三, 13 12月 2017 10:03:48 +0000

Since the late 1960s, the world’s stainless steel production to maintain an average annual growth rate of 4%, stainless steel applications gradually expanded to the various areas of the national economy.       316L stainless steel plate, 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo due to the addition of Mo, so its cor...

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430 stainless steel plate price at sale

Posted on 周四, 07 12月 2017 06:25:15 +0000

1,430 stainless steel is mainly used for building decoration, fuel burner parts, household appliances, appliances components.   2, in the 430 steel with cutting performance of steel 430F, mainly for automatic lathes, bolts and nuts.   3. Adding Ti or Nb to 430 steel to reduce C content ...

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High quality 304H stainless steel sheet

Posted on 周一, 04 12月 2017 06:19:27 +0000

Stainless steel sheet as the daily life of one of the important metal materials, the use of a wide range of stainless steel products with bad what can stick? 1, to determine the stainless steel sheel bonding material: stainless steel plate is sticky stainless steel plate, or stainless steel plate...

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High quality 304 spring wire

Posted on 周四, 30 11月 2017 07:24:09 +0000

We are doing stainless steel spring wire manufacturers can only introduce the point on the stainless steel spring silk elastic knowledge to you. 304 spring wire tensile can do 1100-2300PMA. The higher the resistance, the higher the elasticity. In the case of When the steel yield to a certain exte...

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Priced at 316L stainless steel pipe supply

Posted on 周一, 27 11月 2017 08:11:28 +0000

Stainless steel pipe production process: Raw materials – sliver – welded pipe – repair – polishing – inspection (printing) – packaging – shipping (warehousing) (decorative pipe) Raw material – sliver – welded pipe – heat treatment –...

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