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1mm stainless steel sheets

Posted on 周三, 14 9月 2016 09:36:50 +0000

Where to buy 1mm stainless steel sheet? Jaway metal group, founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer and global exporter specializing in stainless steel sheet/plate manufacture and exportation. Jaway metal,one of the main stainless steel sheet in China.In recent years, winged by rapid merge...

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304 stainless steel sheet and coil

Posted on 周三, 14 9月 2016 08:44:42 +0000

304 stainless steel coil into austenitic stainless cold rolled coil and hot rolled stainless steel coil. 304 stainless steel (volume) board features: surface appearance, the possibility of using diversification; good corrosion resistance; long-term durability than ordinary steel; corrosion resist...

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Stainless Steel Production Process

Posted on 周三, 14 9月 2016 07:30:16 +0000

Stainless steel production process can be divided into smelting and casting and machining, billet, hot-rolled, Two-stage cold rolling, pipe, wire drawing, etc. Steel and cast stainless steel production process critical work. It not only determines the sequence produced by the chemical composition...

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stainless steel sheet suppliers

Posted on 周三, 14 9月 2016 03:35:16 +0000

We are one of the biggest manufacturers specialize for stainless steel products more than 18 years in China include stainless steel sheet, Stainless steel sheet have below surface, such as hairline, NO.4, 2B and No.1, it has widely application in all kinds of industries, the corrosion plasticity...

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1.2mm stainless steel sheet

Posted on 周三, 14 9月 2016 03:03:07 +0000

The 1.2mm stainless steel sheet is the most seen thickness steel sheet. It was made with cold rolled production method. And the thickness is below 4.0mm. Besides, another production method is hot rolled, and the thickness is above 4.0mm. The stainless steel sheet surface is bright and clean, hav...

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4×8 Sheet Stainless Steel

Posted on 周二, 13 9月 2016 08:46:52 +0000

Stainless steel sheet refers to surface is bright and clean, have high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, acid, alkali gas, solution and other media corrosion. It is a kind of alloy steel which is not easy to rust, but not absolutely not rust.  According to the method,there are hot a...

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304 Stainless Steel Bright Bar

Posted on 周二, 13 9月 2016 08:31:55 +0000

If you need to purchase stainless steel bar, Jaway Steel Co.,Ltd is your best choice. If you want 304 Stainless Steel bright Bar, Jaway still is a good manufacturer for it. Usually, there are many surfaces for stainless steel bar, such as pickled surface, bright surface, hairline surface and so ...

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stainless steel square tube

Posted on 周二, 13 9月 2016 06:35:36 +0000

We are one of the biggest manufacturers in China specialize in stainless steel products for more than 20 years. Our products always respected with high quality, low price and good quality. Our company own advanced producing technology and equipments. Stainless steel square tube is a kind of long...

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stainless steel coil suppliers

Posted on 周二, 13 9月 2016 06:11:56 +0000

In the line of stainless steel coil, we should know some big mills. In China, there are some famous stainless steel coil suppliers, like TISCO, BAOSTEEL, ANSTEEL, ZPSS, Krupp and TAISHAN STEEL, etc. Most of the stainless steel is from these. And we Jawaysteel is one of the professional stainless ...

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