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Mirror stainless steel plate welding

Mirror-stainless-steel-strong-plates Mirror-stainless-steel-strong-plate

Mirror stainless steel plate in the use of the time should pay attention to what problems? Generally speaking, the mirror panel is often used with the building lobby walls or columns are more, the welding is not responsible for the renovation process will increase, so the use of the process need to pay attention to the following frequently asked questions .

First of all, because in order to prevent the installation of temporary changes in size or calculation error and shorter, often used in the mirror stainless steel plate will be larger in size; This will lead to welding, the weld width, length , The actual thickness of the sheet material occurs a slight center line offset; This requires the welding time to control the location of the size of the location; if the thickness or angle of welding is not required to change the welding, the operation process to be more precise . So to ensure that all components under the expected accuracy and length of the error allowed to 1mm, there are components in the material before the next check whether the stainless steel mirror panel is straight. If uneven, you need to be leveled.

Mirror stainless steel plate welding

Second, the welding will often crack when, in order to prevent this from happening, the welding process parameters and procedures need to grasp, try not to use large current or sudden flameout, to avoid causing "welding scar"; and weld Of the street also need to connect 10-15mm, the welding process can not be noted that the percussion and move the stainless steel mirror plate, so as to avoid new cracks. Stainless steel mirror plate components in the welding time must be placed to prepare the location, solder joints should be strong and full. In particular, should pay attention to the welding surface of the welding wave should be uniform, shall not have cracks, dross, welding tumor, burnt, arc abrasion, arc pit and needle holes and other defects, otherwise prone to weld fracture and affect the appearance.

Finally, since the surface of the mirror stainless steel plate is ground, the surface of the surface of the mirror plate is left with "pinholes or pores" after the removal of the scale surface, and most of the pinholes or pores are scrubbed before welding, In the process by adjusting the size of the current and reduce the speed of welding to ensure the uniformity of welding; so as to effectively avoid the "virtual welding" phenomenon. And the mirror panel in the welding assembly is complete, you also need to manually use the machine to polish the surface of the plate and polished, so as to make the appearance of smooth and bright.


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