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Hot rolled 916L stainless steel welded pipe

916L stainless steel welded pipe the use of appropriate lubricants on the deep drawing of stainless steel has a significant effect. Lubricant in the convex and concave die to form a layer of a certain toughness and elongation of the film, which is conducive to the deep drawing of stainless steel forming.


916L stainless steel welded pipe for the deep deformation of the deformation, the difficulty of forming stainless steel plate drawing parts, in the actual production can use polyvinyl fluoride film to act as a lubricant. Polyvinylidene film has excellent tensile strength, certain toughness and elongation and easy to clean.


There are also some other simple precautions such as the use of white cast iron to do pressure ring grinding tools, because the white cast iron storage performance is good.



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