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hot product 316 stainless steel channel bar


There are two kinds of technology in production of stainless steel products, they are hot rolled and cold rolled. Stainless steel products are usually good and nice because of high quality and impressive in surface. Pickled finish surface is available for hot product 316 stainless steel channel bar. However, we must know 2B surface is available for cold rolled stainless steel coil but not hot rolled.

Stainless steel products have bright prospective in market in future. Many investors put their money to this line recently. But we also should understand the difficulty in this line. In the year of 2016, price of stainless steel raised greatly compared with few years ago.

Please note that price of hot product 316 stainless steel channel bar has already raised to USD2565 per ton, price of 201 pipe has already raised to USD1740 per ton, price of 304 sheet has already raised to USD2006 per ton. Market is crazy.

As for material of stainless steel, it also become raised in China. RMB reaches a new low of more than five years and reaching 6.88 close to the lowest level in history.


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