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Stainless steel profiles, it is a kind of profile, because it is the use of stainless steel, stainless steel angle steel is called stainless steel profiles. For now, its application is very Moreover, due to the many types of stainless steel, so it also has many types, such as angle steel, flat steel and square steel and so on. In addition, in terms of performance, it also has good corrosion resistance.

Next, we will focus on one of the stainless steel profiles to explain, for the stainless steel angle, the specific content is as follows.

Stainless steel angle, it is a long steel, its type, there are equilateral stainless steel angle steel and unequal stainless steel angle of these two. Its use, it can be used as a different force components, can also be used as a link between the components to use. So in a variety of building structures and engineering structures, such as the beam, bridges, towers and warehouses and other places, can use it.


From the material side, the stainless steel angle is carbon structural steel, its solderability, plastic deformation capacity and mechanical strength, are very good.

Stainless steel angle appearance of the quality, mainly on the surface can not be a problem or a defect, such as stratification, scar or cracks and so on. Its geometrical deviation is given by a certain allowable range. If more than this range, then it is substandard products.

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