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High quality 316L stainless steel seamless pipe

A stainless steel tube surface of the stamp problem: Generally we will think that as long as the 304 stamp is 304 stainless steel pipe, which is relatively superficial knowledge, deeper level: 1.sus is the Japanese standard material, 2.SUS304 is 304 stainless steel

2. What are the numbers on the stainless steel tube and then what is the meaning of making a circle? In the case of

A few days ago to the site of the king boss, called to ask us, what is the meaning of this number 13? Is it not a stainless steel pipe with only 13 elements? This is also a more careful of a customer, most people are rarely asked this question, we told Wang boss, 13 is the factory production of these batch of stainless steel pipe workers number, meaning that if the batch of pipe problems, you will find Corresponding responsible person. Wang boss after hearing that is still more responsible. In the case of

Three. Is there a layer of oil on the surface of stainless steel is how is it? In the case of

Do the decoration of the Wang boss usually rarely contact with stainless steel tube, this time his home decoration, personally to buy materials, saw the stainless steel tube, found that there is a layer of oil on the body, asked me if the production process is the problem? I told him that the oil did not affect the use, if you want to remove the words is very simple, easy to wipe the cloth can be, on the contrary this layer of oil to a certain extent, play a protective role.


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