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High quality 304H stainless steel sheet

Stainless steel sheet as the daily life of one of the important metal materials, the use of a wide range of stainless steel products with bad what can stick?

1, to determine the stainless steel sheel bonding material: stainless steel plate is sticky stainless steel plate, or stainless steel plate with other metal or non-metallic bonding. In the case of,

2, to determine the size of the bonding surface: the other will determine the use of fast-drying glue, or slow-drying glue; small area of stainless steel plate is best to use fast curing fast curing glue, such as JL -498; bonding surface of the larger stainless steel plate bonding.

3, to determine the working environment after the bonding of stainless steel plate: waterproof, Naisuan Jian, anti-yellowing, anti-aging, in general, high-end adhesive products in these areas have good performance, but in high temperature Should be based on the use of stainless steel products to consider the environment.

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