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High quality 304L stainless steel square pipe

Accompanied by the recent stainless steel square pipe prices continued to pull up sharply, the market in the crazy but also fear of fear. As of press time, by the impact of falling after the afternoon, traders in some areas fear high mentality, offer also dark down.

We believe that the main reason for today’s snail callback by the power of coal and other futures and Futures transfer fees dragged down, under the support of the snail temporarily see 2800 points, if below, or will be further down, but the current situation, Snail or will be adjusted, but the estimate is not significant.

Today, stainless steel prices continue to pull up, the market transactions in general. It is reported that the external market prices continue to push up and the impact of higher costs, the local hot volume prices have reached high, offer the basic in 3200 yuan / ton.

Traders feedback, the current spot on the stainless steel square pipe market and raw materials are more out of stock, as the main steel mills last month did not under the raw material orders, the current supply of raw materials factory tension, this wave of cost to promote the price rise or difficult to calm.


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