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Grade 20 Carbon Steel


Grade 20 carbon steel belongs to the low carbon steel.

Implementation standard: JIS G4051-2005

Characteristics and scope of application
The strength of S20C carbon steel is slightly higher than No. 15 steel, it is seldom quenched, and it is no temper brittleness. It is with high cold plastic deformation.

The steel is a kind of low carbon steel, its’ strength is low, toughness, ductility and welding ability are good. The yield strength is more than 245MPa, the tensile strength is more than 245MPa, elongation is greater than or equal to 28%.

The chemical composition of the grade20 carbon steel:
C 0.18-0.23、Si 0.15-0.35、Mn 0.30-0.60、P≤0.030、S≤0.035

Relevant corresponding grade of steel:
It is corresponding to No. 20 in GB, s20c in Taiwan’s CNS standard, 1.0402 in German DIN standard( or CK22/C22), British Standard IC22, French AFNOR standard CC20, France NF standards C22, Italian UNI standards C20/C21, Belgium NBN standard C25-1, Swedish standard SS 1450, Spanish UNE standard F.112, American Standard AISI/SAE 1020, Japan JIS standard S20C/S22C standard.

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