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Different specifications of stainless steel plate

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Super-sized stainless steel plate refers to the size of (width ≥ 1800mm, thickness ≥ 6mm) within the stainless steel sheet.

In recent years, with the mirror stainless steel plate is applied to more and more areas, for the choice of mirror stainless steel range from the original “thin narrow” type gradually to the “thick” type change; At present, the mirror stainless steel medium thickness The main application of the board industry, food processing industry, medical machinery industry and wine storage industry, its thickness ranging from 2.5mm ~ 10.0mm, the width of 1500mm ~ 3000mm. Polished form due to the characteristics of various types of sheet metal and customer requirements, and ultimately have different effects, there are the following specific processing characteristics:

Different specifications of stainless steel plate

1. Stainless steel plate of cold rolled sheet (here refers to the current market mainstream thickness of 3mm ~ 6mm), under normal circumstances (if no special precision mirror requirements, can be directly through the deep (mirror) polishing directly into the processing (Such as the general 2D or 2E surface), or V hardness of the hard material (201,202,430 and dual-phase steel, etc.) or the need for shallow-polished And then deep polishing.

2. Stainless steel plate Hot-rolled plate (commonly used for the 3 ~ 14mm) of the plate because of its No.1 surface because of its cold rolling pickling and bright annealing processes such as its oxide and oxide skin impurities , More pores, need to remove the oxide layer and impurities by shallow polishing, until the reflect basic metallic luster; In addition, the thickness of oxide scale and the number of impurities and the thickness of the plate is proportional to the thickness of the plate, The more the thickness of the surface oxide layer is removed by the shallow polishing. Moreover, if the hot-rolled sheet to achieve or close to the standard mirror plate effect, need to go through local repair process (such as single disc polishing) to achieve the overall effect.

3. As the thickness of stainless steel plate thickness are generally larger, the surface area is too large, polishing uniformity is difficult to achieve; In addition, the board flatness and the same three-point difference with the cold plate is poor, therefore, for Processing technology and workers of the processing technology has certain requirements. This requires equipment (in particular, the disc selection and down-pressure have certain requirements), in order to achieve the desired results.

4. Because of the difficulty of sheet metal processing, its processing efficiency is much lower than cold-rolled sheet, and processing speed than cold-rolled sheet is low, its efficiency is relatively low, the degree of damage to the equipment is also more serious need for special maintenance and service.

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