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Cheap 304L stainless steel coil

Stainless steel coil chemical properties:
C:≤0.15 ,
Si :≤1.0 ,
Mn :≤2.0 ,
Cr :16.0~18.0 ,
Ni :6.0-8.0,
S :≤0.03 ,
P :≤0.045

Mechanical Property:
T.S: (%)≥40

EL%: ≥40

Y.S: (N/mm2)≥205

Harness :≤187HB;≤90HRB;≤200HV
Most of the use requirements are long-term preservation of the original appearance of the building. In determining the type of stainless steel to be selected, the main consideration is the required aesthetic standards, the oppressiveness of the atmosphere and the clean-up system to be used.
However, other applications are more and more sought only for structural integrity or impermeability. For example, the roof and side walls of industrial buildings. In these applications, the owner of the construction costs may be more important than the aesthetic, the surface is not very clean can.
Surface of 301 Stainless Steel Sheet:
NO.1、1D、2D、2B、N0.4、HL、BA、Mirror etc.

Thickness: 0.12-65MM
Standard size: 1219*2438MM Cold Rolled
1500*6000MM Hot Rolled
Other Size: As request.

General Delivered State:
Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled


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