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904L Stainless Steel Wire


As we know, Cold rolled steel is the most important material in stainless steel goods. Stainless steel is alloy steel, although it is not called alloy steel generally.

904L Stainless Steel wire has good mechanical properties, from low to high widely-used temperature , meanwhile, it also has good high strength and welding performance. Usually, stainless steel , especially 904L, have smooth surface, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, which can resist acid and cold environment.

904L Stainless Steel wire has many application in nowadays. However, not many people know that stainless steel goods are available since the early 20th century, and now has more than 100 years of history. It is not easily rusted, but it is never absolutely rust freely.

1.Due to the low heat capacity of the stainless steel, the production efficiency is 50% ~ 75%, and the size of the casting is stable, and the surface is good. Once surface is fine, we do not need grinding and polishing with cutting fluid but getting very smooth surface.


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