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317L stainless steel sanitary tube for heating

Recently used in foreign useful induction heater to heat 317L stainless steel sanitary tube. It is reported that this heating method has the following advantages: almost completely eliminates oxidation; can precisely control the heating temperature and time; can be easily and quickly change: heating temperature; at the same time remove the energy consumption when the shutdown.


In the 76 ~ 100 units when the production of hot-rolled alloy 317L stainless steel sanitary pipe (finished product) are generally equipped with heat treatment. Heat treatment of the type, structure and use of cold-processing with the steel pipe with the same heat treatment.

Furnace structure: The well-type ball annealing furnace is composed of furnace, lining, heating elements, furnace bile, and control systems and other accessories. ⑴ furnace body is the use of national standard steel and steel plate rolled into a round drum welded, corners reinforced, channel base, solid structure. ⑵ furnace lining furnace refractory with ultra-lightweight refractory bricks, lined with aluminum silicate fiber roiset blanket and perlite powder insulation, the lid with aluminum insulation box filled with vermiculite powder insulation.

Heating element Electric components used Shougang 0Cr25AL5 resistance wire, hanging three areas arranged in the furnace around the brick, installation, maintenance is very convenient. Vacuum furnace gallbladder furnace with aluminized steel plate rolling made of welding, the thickness of 14mm, aluminized cans sealed knife, the use of fine sand sand sealed. The furnace lid is made of 25mm carbon steel plate.


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