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316L 304L 310 301 stainless steel bar price

US Crucible Industr LCLC will increase its stainless steel bar price by 3% for orders after May 1.

316L stainless steel bar: 316 stainless steel containing molybdenum and low carbon content, in the ocean and chemical industry in the anti-corrosion resistance is much better than 304 stainless steel! (316L low carbon, 316N nitrogen high strength, 316F stainless steel high sulfur content, easy to cut stainless steel.


304L stainless steel bar: as a low-carbon 304 steel, in general, corrosion resistance and 304 similar, but after welding or after the elimination of stress, its resistance to grain boundary corrosion is excellent, in the case of heat treatment, Maintain good corrosion resistance.

304 stainless steel bar: has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties, stamping, bending and other hot workability, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon. Uses: tableware, cabinets, boilers, auto parts, medical equipment, building materials, food industry (operating temperature -196 ° C-700 ° C).

310 stainless steel bar: the main features are: high temperature, the general use of the boiler, the car exhaust pipe. Other performance in general.

303 stainless steel bar: by adding a small amount of sulfur, phosphorus to make it easier to cut than 304, other properties and similar to the 304.


302 stainless steel bar: 302 stainless steel bar is widely used in auto parts, aviation, aerospace hardware tools, chemicals As follows: handicrafts, bearings, skates, medical equipment, electrical appliances, and so on. Features: 302 stainless steel ball is austenitic steel, compared with 304, but the hardness of 302 higher, HRC ≤ 28, with good rust and corrosion resistance.

301 stainless steel bar: good ductility, for molding products. It can also be hardened by mechanical processing. Good weldability. Abrasion resistance and fatigue strength is better than 304 stainless steel.

302 stainless steel ball is austenitic steel, and 304 closer, but the hardness of 302 higher, HRC ≤ 28, with good rust and corrosion resistance.

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