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304HC Stainless steel wire

304HC-Stainless-steel-wire   304HC-Stainless-steel-wires

Stainless steel 304HC is a kind of cold wire, is a good stainless steel wire. Dedicated to the manufacture of screws, rivets, nuts and other products. This series of products are pure, easy molding, good anticorrosion performance (over 48 hours salt fog test above, through the passivation, can reach more than 500 hours), can through all EU environmental requirements.

304HC Stainless steel wire

Chemical composition of Stainless steel 304HC :


Relationship between main chemical components and properties of stainless steel 304HC:

1)Carbon C can increase the hardness and strength, high content will reduce its ductility and corrosion resistance;
2)Cr can increase the corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, the grain refinement, increase the strength, hardness and wear resistance;
3)Ni can increase the high temperature strength and corrosion resistance, reduce the rate of cold hardening;
4)Molybdenum Mo increased strength, excellent corrosion resistance to oxides and seawater;
5)Copper Cu is good for cold forming and magnetic properties;
6)Mn as long as the material used to reduce the magnetic, but not too high.

Advantages of stainless steel 304 HC compared with 304 :

1)The copper content of stainless steel 304HC is higher than 304;
2)The chemical composition of 304 stainless steel is 1 cr18ni9, 304 HC the same but is made cold working in metal processing, 304 HC increase hardness and corrosion resistance;
3)Salt spray resistance is better than 304;
4)Explosion-proof heads, the proportion of anti cracking is much lower than in 304.


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