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2b Finish SUS329J3L duplex stainless steel plate


1, summary
A large number of Cr, Mo, N and other corrosion-resistant elements, austenite and ferrite co-existence of duplex stainless steel.

2, features
1) Resistance to salt corrosion, pressure corrosion cracking (SCC), pitting, crevice corrosion, wear and erosion is very good; compared with 316L and 317L austenitic stainless steel, 2205 steel in the anti-corrosion spots and cracks in the Superior performance, it has a high resistance to corrosion;
2) compared with the general austenitic stainless steel, thermal expansion coefficient is lower, higher thermal conductivity;
3) high strength, compared with the austenitic stainless steel, its compressive strength is twice;
4) to improve the life of chemical and seawater equipment, improve the economy of environmental protection equipment;
5) This alloy is particularly suitable for use in the temperature range of -50 ° F / + 600 ° F and can be used for lower temperatures in the case of strict limits (especially for welded construction).

3, SUS329J3L stainless steel plate the scope of application
Pressure vessel, high pressure storage tank, high pressure pipe, heat exchanger (chemical processing industry), oil and gas pipeline, heat exchanger pipe fittings, sewage treatment system, pulp and paper industry classifier, bleaching equipment, storage treatment system, high strength corrosion resistance The environment of the rotary shaft, press roll, leaves, impeller, ship or truck cargo box, food processing equipment, sea water equipment.


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