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20CrMo alloy steel bar cheap spot for sale

20CrMo alloy steel bar has a high degree of quenching, no temper brittleness, good welding properties, the formation of cold cracking tendency is very small, machinability and cold strain plasticity is good. General in the hardening or carburizing and quenching state, used in the manufacture of non corrosive medium and the temperature in the lower than 250 DEG C, pieces containing a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen medium pressure pipe and tighten, higher carburized parts, such as gears and shafts.


The standards for the 20CrMo alloy steel bar:
Japanese standard: JIS G4053:2003
America standard: ASTM A29M:2005
International standard: ISO 683-18:1996

The chemical composition of the 20CrMo alloy steel bar:
C :0.17~0.24
S :≤0.035
P :≤0.035


20CrMo alloy steel bar cheap spot for sale

1. delivery status: heat treatment (normalizing, annealing or high temperature tempering) or non-heat treatment delivery, delivery status should be specified in the contract.

2. 20CrMo heat treatment: 20CrMo material is low carbon alloy structural steel, suitable for carburizing quenching; heat treatment specification: quenching 880 ℃, water cooling, oil cooling; tempering 500 ℃, water cooling, oil cooling.

3. 20CrMo hardness 20CrMo quenching (860-880 ℃ water or oil cold), plus low temperature (150-200 ℃) tempering, 20CrMo hardness HRC32-33.

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