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What is the difference between cold rolled and hot rolled plates?

Cold rolled sheet is a hot rolled coil as raw material, at room temperature in the recrystallization temperature of the following rolling from a plate.

Hot-rolled plates, hot-rolled steel plates and steel belts, commonly known as hot plates, are usually rolled into words, such as hot plate, but all refer to the same hot-rolled steel plate. A steel sheet having a width of greater than or equal to 600 mm, a thickness of 0.35 to 200 mm, and a steel strip having a thickness of 1.2 to 25 mm.


Cold-rolled plate surface has a certain degree of gloss, hand feel more smooth, similar to the kind of water used to drink a very common cup. Cold-rolled plate hardness, processing is relatively difficult, but not easy to deformation, high strength.

Cold rolled steel plate due to a certain degree of work hardening, toughness is low, but can achieve a better yield ratio, used to cold spring and other parts, and because the yield point closer to the tensile strength, so the use of the process of no danger Foreseeable, prone to accidents when the load exceeds the allowable load.

Hot-rolled plate, such as untreated, is similar to the surface of many ordinary steel plates on the market, with a rusty surface of rust and no rusty surface (black oxide). Hot-rolled steel plate, mechanical properties far less than cold processing, also inferior to forging processing, but with good toughness and ductility.

The advantages of cold rolled sheet and hot rolled sheet are:

1, the higher the precision, cold-rolled strip thickness difference of not more than 0.01 ~ 0.03mm.

2, the size of thinner, cold rolling can be rolling the most thin strip of 0.001mm; hot rolling is now the most thin to 0.78mm.

3, the surface quality is superior, cold-rolled steel plate can even produce a mirror surface; and hot-rolled plate surface is iron oxide skin, pitting and other defects.

4, cold-rolled plate can be adjusted according to user requirements such as tensile strength and process performance such as stamping performance.


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