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TISCO 321 stainless steel coil

        A survey by the International Stainless Steel Coil Forum shows that most Europeans do not know that steel is as reproducible as other commonly used materials such as paper, glass and aluminum.


        Stainless Steel Coil in fact, because the austenitic stainless steel coil contains precious nickel metal, its regeneration is much earlier than the regeneration of other materials.


More than 80% of the stainless steel coil products are renewable. Made of S30400 stainless steel coil 304 stainless steel coil products contain 60% recycled material. Other commonly used materials can not reach this level.


In order to better inform the public about the green environmental advantages of stainless steel rolls, the Nickel Association and the International Stainless Steel Forum have launched a campaign to include brochures and online videos.


The purpose of this activity is to send promotional materials free of charge to enterprises and then pass them to their customers. For example, three short videos are available on the web for download and distribution.


The focus of this event is to reproduce the stainless steel coil with the original material smelting stainless steel (also renewable) in terms of strength, toughness and corrosion resistance exactly the same.



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