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SUS444 stainless steel pipe exporters

SUS444 stainless steel pipe a kind of heat-resistant stainless steel, has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, widely used in ion-exchange membrane alkaline pipe. As the material process requirements are high.

First, the crack on the direct welding (mainly used for ≤ φ89 pipe cracks). In the case of
1, do the preparatory work before welding, from the two ends of the crack at the end of each 10mm drill φ6mm crack hole, has prevented the grinding process of welding crack propagation.

2, the use of ZX7-400A welder, DC reverse, welding consumables A402, φ3.2mm for rendering, filling and cover, welding current of 110A. In the case of.

3, the use of arc welding primer, even the arc welding and cover, and single-channel primer, double-channel filling, 3-channel cover.

4, after welding, the appearance of the weld to be flat and the weld height h ≤ 1mm, width ≤ 4mm, done by color inspection qualified to use after the normal pressure.

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