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stainless steel pipe cleaning skills and maintenance


In life, we often encounter stainless steel pipe mirror suface if the damage will not be saved, in fact, stainless steel cleaning operation process is very particular about, pay attention to prohibit the use of hard and corrosive materials to clean (such as: blade, scouring, dirty Wipes, oil preservatives, alkaline, acidic), the correct operation should be dissolved with a detergent to remove the surface stains, and then use the glass brightener smear its surface, with a rubber wiper scraping net, with a soft and clean Dry wipes can be wiped. The following interpretation of the specific methods of operation.

1, at the end of the construction, put into use, the first surface of the stainless steel protective film torn off.

2, in a place where there are stains, a small amount of banana water can be used to remove the stains.

3, with a dilution of the sewage solution, with a rag on the stainless steel surface cleaning.

4, and then clean the water, with a rag to have cleaned the stainless steel scrub clean.

5, and other stainless steel welded pipe surface dry, with a stainless steel protective oil wipes on the stainless steel for smooth and broken lines and wiping until the stainless steel surface evenly coated with stainless steel oil, color uniform, this time the fingers can be used in the surface of stainless steel, Leaving traces of stainless steel glazing maintenance is completed.


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