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Stainless steel market trends

1. Growing to steel supporting services as the mainstay of the property. Iron and steel ancillary assets include commerce and trade logistics, engineering and technical services, machine maintenance and construction, accessories and coal chemical industry, economic and environmental reincarnation, finance and so on. Take the commercial logistics industry for example, Baosteel, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Shagang and others are all involved in the steel logistics park and port construction. In engineering and engineering business, financial services, the steel industry has also developed into a group of non-steel enterprises.


2. To speed up the iron and steel industry, raw material war deep processing of property chain construction of the growing process. In recent years, steel companies in order to ensure a constant supply of capital, have increased industry cooperation Crowds of steel industry how to get the first chance of strategic control of capital, the secondary approach is hidden in two aspects: First, the right to add overseas mining capital At present, Chinese enterprises invest 62 million tons of mineral resources in overseas iron ore projects and plan to invest 270 million tons by the scale of equity. The other is to increase the provision of domestic-owned mines. For 10 years, China’s black metal pick The cumulative investment in fixed assets reached 656.6 billion yuan, the main ore production 260 million tons increased to 1.31 billion tons.


3. Growing into a regional characteristics of the disadvantaged property. Such as the Iron Ore Mine of Daye Iron Mine in WISCO and the cultural relics of Industrial Park in Shougang, and the construction of the cultural tourism property such as China Mobile Zhou Games City. The wine brand has the necessary brand effect; some metropolitan steel companies have opened up metropolitan Non-steel property, the establishment of metropolitan office companies, involved in the city garbage power generation.


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