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stainless steel capillary tube annealing treatment

Stainless steel capillary at the annealing tube temperature is to reach a certain temperature.

1, stainless steel capillary at the annealing tube temperature is to reach a certain temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment is generally accepted solution heat treatment, popular talk is "annealing tube", the temperature range of 1040 ~ 1120 ℃. You can also view the hole through the annealing tube furnace inspection, annealing tube area of the stainless steel pipe should be incandescent form, but did not show softening sagging.


2, the atmosphere of the introduction of the annealing tube. Ordinary use of pure hydrogen as the annealing tube atmosphere, the atmosphere purity is best to more than 99.99%, if the atmosphere is another part of the inert gas, then the purity can be lower, but absolutely can not contain too much oxygen, water vapor.

3, the furnace seal. Light annealing tube furnace should be blocked, stainless steel capillary and the outside air barrier; the use of hydrogen for the maintenance of gas, as long as an exhaust port is through (used to point the discharge of hydrogen). Reflection of the way you can use the majority of water in the annealing tube furnace at all joints cracks, to see whether the run gas; one of the most easy to run the local hot stove into the pipe and the local tube, the local seal special Easy to wear, to often reflect often change.

4, maintenance of gas pressure. Capillary in order to avoid showing a slight leak, the furnace maintenance gas should adhere to the inevitable positive pressure, if it is hydrogen maintenance gas, the general requirements of more than 20kBar.

5, the furnace water vapor. On the one hand to reflect the furnace material can be boring, the first furnace, the furnace material must be dried; the second is into the furnace of stainless steel pipe can be too much residual water stains, special tube above if there are holes, then do not leak into , Stainless steel capillary or else put the furnace atmosphere all destroyed.


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