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410 Advanced Stainless Steel Ball

Many of my friends asked me how to sell stainless steel balls Here I would like to emphasize that stainless steel balls are not a single product, divided into several categories by different materials: 410.430 … 304 and so on.

Please combine the requirements of the factory conditions to determine their own demand for stainless steel balls:410:Characteristics: Deformed martensite: carbon (C) <0.25%, chromium (Cr) = 11 ~ 13%, silicon (Si) <1%, manganese (Mn) <1%. Use of drawing, cutting, grinding and other methods from refining. Appearance bright, no rust, bead (cut pill, cylindrical).
classification-of-stainless-steel-tread-plate classification-of-stainless-steel-tread-plate

Advantages: the matte effect after the workpiece, highlight the metal color, no rust, etc., no pickling rust treatment, wear resistance is cast steel lens 3-5 times. Can reduce production costs.

Proof: Widely used in copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other components of the surface jet polishing processing.Chemical composition: 304 austenite: carbon (C) <0.25%, Cr (Cr) = 16 to 18%, nickel (Ni) = 6 to 10%, silicon (Si) <1%, manganese (Mn), (Cr) = 16 to 18%, silicon (Si) <1%, manganese (Mn) <1%

Type 410 Martensite: Carbon (C) <0.25%, Chromium (Cr) = 11 to 13%, Silicon (Si) <1%, Manganese (Mn) <1%

Microhardness: 308 ~ 509HV Vickers, 32 ~ 50HRC Rockwell
Owen Life: 6500 times
Metallographic organization: Type 304: Deformed austenite
Type 430: deformed ferrite
Type 410: deformed martensite
Density: 7.8 g / cm3

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