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Stainless Steel Production Process

Stainless steel production process can be divided into smelting and casting and machining, billet, hot-rolled, Two-stage cold rolling, pipe, wire drawing, etc. Steel and cast stainless steel production process critical work. It not only determines the sequence produced by the chemical composition of steel and to ensure product quality and reduce production costs. This has an important role to improve the production efficiency.

Stainless Steel Production Process

Due to the nature of stainless steel and special product quality to Seeking and making steel casting process and hot-rolled, cold-rolled and heat treatment process of the rear portion having a front step

Unlike ordinary steel features a unique set of technological system it accordingly also adopted a number of new workers

Processes and equipment. Smelting and processing technology compared with ordinary stainless steel with rapid development.

Hot-rolled in two ways: hot rolling and rolling reversible.

1) Hot Strip Mill: Hot rolling products are slab (mainly billet) as raw material, heated by a roughing train and finishing train rolled into the strip, forming from a single direction;

2) reverse rolling: hot rolling products are slab (mainly billet) as raw material, heated by a roughing train and finishing train rolled strip finishing mill uses a reversible fried machines, rolling back and forth several times after forming, the general Steckel mill. Steckel coiler and the key lies in the winding hot furnace for production requirements are not so high strip production line or special steel production line.

Cold rolling: In general, for the production of stainless steel cold rolling mill is mainly used twenty roll mill. Because of its good stiffness, widely used in the production of stainless steel process.

Stainless Steel Production

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