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Want to buy stainless steel plate How to choose?

 First, select the boss

This seemingly ridiculous reason is a lot of real money and silver filled out of the lessons, generally we see the salesman, business manager, only the big customers only see the boss. However, Xiao Xi’s suggestion is that if you want to cooperate for a long time, you must look at the boss. The product is the character and the character determines the product.


 Second, select category

Because a good stainless steel plate manufacturer does not mean that it is all-powerful, it is only professional and competitive in certain categories. Some factories have many machines and machines, the production speed is fast, the warehouse is large, and there are advantages in the commonly used decorative tubes; some plants Although small, but focused on the products, there are advantages in the tube shape and polishing; some factories focus on the thick tubes, the inventory of special tubes, and so on. First confirm our own needs, and then choose the corresponding manufacturer for your own needs.

Third, select the production process

Production process is reflected in two points: 1. On-site management, mainly to see the workshop, the production site in a mess, the product certainly can not be good; also look at the warehouse, warehouse management confusion, certain issues such as shipping mixed pipe will have. 2. To see the quality of the finished product, intuitively see if the forming angle of the square tube is square, the weld is smooth, and how much the polishing brightness can reach.

Fourth, after the sale and purchase

This mainly depends on the clerk and the merchandiser who are specifically responsible, whether the communication is smooth, and whether the service awareness and work responsibility are strong. This is mainly because it is more convenient in the daily work in the future, and there will be someone responsible for quality problems at the first time. However, when some stainless steel manufacturers have problems, they do not push the customer to the ball to the end.


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