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How to solve the problem of air holes on the surface of stainless steel round tube

Stainless steel tubes (round tubes) often have many problems during production and processing, such as partial welding, leakage welding, undercutting, etc. How to solve the problem when the pores appear on the surface of stainless steel tubes?

How to solve the problem of air holes on the surface of stainless steel round tube

Surface vents are a common defect in stainless steel round billets. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of pores on the surface of stainless steel round tubes, stainless steel round tube manufacturers will take the following measures:

1) Strengthen the management of raw materials, keep all kinds of materials dry, and transport materials in the rainy season to prevent rain and moisture. The lime storage time does not exceed 12h, and the alloy must be baked before use. Steel can not be produced when the converter flue or ladle cover leaks.

2) Adjust the dust removal air volume in the operation of the ladle furnace, keep the micro-positive pressure of the furnace mouth, strengthen the reduction atmosphere control in the furnace; shorten the slag formation time ≤ 8min, improve the submerged arc effect, and reduce the steel liquid intake.

3) Prolong the soft sedation time.

4) Ensure that the whole process has no oxidation casting protection effect, especially pay attention to the argon sealing protection effect of the ladle long nozzle, prevent the steel liquid from inhaling, and adopt the double layer covering structure in the middle package.

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