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904L Stainless Steel Wire

Posted on 周五, 21 10月 2016 06:11:48 +0000

As we know, Cold rolled steel is the most important material in stainless steel goods. Stainless steel is alloy steel, although it is not called alloy steel generally. 904L Stainless Steel wire has good mechanical properties, from low to high widely-used temperature , meanwhile, it also has good...

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304 Stainless Steel Band

Posted on 周四, 20 10月 2016 09:42:11 +0000

304 stainless steel band is a kind of common stainless steel materials, corrosion prevention is better than 200 series stainless steel materials.High resistance to high temperature also is better, can to 1000-1200 degrees.304 stainless steel has good corrosion and corrosion resistance and good r...

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Stainless Steel Round Bar

Posted on 周四, 20 10月 2016 09:21:44 +0000

We are original exactly manufacturer specialize for stainless steel bar, rod, wire sheet etc by all sizes and specification, stainless steel round bar is one of our advantageous product, stainless steel round bar is a kind of cylindrical stainless steel products, it has wide application in our l...

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316 Stainless Steel Sheet

Posted on 周三, 19 10月 2016 06:26:54 +0000

316 stainless steel has a good welding performance. All standard welding methods can be used for welding. Welding can be based on use, respectively 316Cb, 316L or 309Cb stainless steel filler rod or welding rod. For optimum corrosion resistance, welded sections of 316 stainless steel are subject...

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Stainless Steel Wire

Posted on 周二, 18 10月 2016 08:24:35 +0000

Stainless steel wire,also known as stainless steel wires, stainless steel for the production of raw materials of all kinds of different specifications and types of silk products,origin of the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, cross section usually assumes the circular or flat look. Common g...

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Hot Dip Aluminum And Zinc Coil

Posted on 周二, 18 10月 2016 07:58:07 +0000

      Hot dip aluminum and zinc coil: Thickness (mm) : 0.3 ~ 3.0 Width (mm) : 600 ~ 1600 The single weight (tons) : 5 ~ 14 (inner diameter (mm) : 508/610 Coil diameter (mm) : MAX: 1900 Coating types: pure zinc coating (GL) Zinc alloy plating: (GL) The galvanized layer: 60 ~ 275 Aluminum and zinc...

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Grade 20 Carbon Steel

Posted on 周一, 17 10月 2016 08:09:57 +0000

Grade 20 carbon steel belongs to the low carbon steel. Implementation standard: JIS G4051-2005 Characteristics and scope of application The strength of S20C carbon steel is slightly higher than No. 15 steel, it is seldom quenched, and it is no temper brittleness. It is with high cold plastic def...

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304 Stainless Steel Sheet On Sale

Posted on 周一, 17 10月 2016 07:55:59 +0000

304 stainless steel sheet on sale,304 stainless steel is a common material of stainless steel, the density of 7.93 g/cm3, also called 18/8 stainless steel industry. Good resistance to high temperature of 800 degrees, has the processing performance, the characteristics of high toughness, widely u...

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316L Stainless Steel Coil With Mirror Surface

Posted on 周五, 14 10月 2016 05:46:20 +0000

316L stainless steel has Molybdenum element.316L stainless steel also has good performance of chloride erosion. It is corresponding to American standard is AISI316L,Chinese standard is 00 cr17ni14mo2,Japanese standard, SUS316L,German standard: X2CrNiMo1812. The chemical composition of 316 l stai...

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Stainless Steel Angle Bar

Posted on 周五, 14 10月 2016 05:34:05 +0000

We are the original manufacturers specialize for stainless steel products for more than 18 years, including stainless steel angle bar, stainless steel angler bar is one of our advantage products in stainless steel districts. Stainless steel angle bar has widely applications in our lives, it be u...

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Strength Of Stainless Steel

Posted on 周四, 13 10月 2016 06:56:17 +0000

The strength of stainless steel including tensile strength and yield strength is determined by various factors, but the most important and the most basic factor is the addition of different chemical elements, mainly metal elements. Different types of stainless steel due to the differences in the...

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904L Stainless Steel Bar

Posted on 周四, 13 10月 2016 06:40:25 +0000

As an important products in modern life, stainless steel is a famous materials. Usually, stainless steel goods have smooth surface, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, which can resist acid and cold temperature. It is an alloy steel which is not easily rusted, but please noth tha...

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