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Jawaysteel Company galvanized steel coil production process


Main technical characteristics The unit uses a mature galvanizing process, and use a number of advanced and practical production technology to high productivity, high quality, low pollution, low consumption for the principle of unit equipment configuration.

(1) galvanized steel coil unit using the latest technology configuration, to complete the galvanized and fingerprint-resistant galvanized sheet production;

(2) the use of US steel galvanized method, set the electrolytic cleaning tank, with a hot roller tension of the whole radiant tube to ensure that the advanced technology to produce high-quality products;

(3) the use of roller passivation, fingerprint-resistant technology, greatly improving the flexibility of the unit production.

(4) professional thin strip correction design to ensure that the strip quality of the strip; reasonable tension segment, so that the unit process advantages are fully reflected; set the electrostatic oil coating machine to ensure the final product quality;

(5) set up double-decoiler to achieve continuous production; the use of high-quality narrow lap welding to reduce the strip rate to ensure that the unit’s production efficiency;

(6) the use of cascade rinse, reverse flow of work, improve strip cleanliness, greatly reducing the consumption of rinse water. Using roller passivation, so that zero discharge of chromium-containing wastewater, green.


(7) The entire unit automation control system uses highly integrated I / O acquisition and Ethernet, Profibus-DP network, so that the automation system price performance is more superior.

(8) using a high level of automatic control software and HMI, the screen display standards, information alarm system is complete, easy operation and maintenance. In addition to complete the report printing, the unit final product coil label printing, but also to complete the coil data, energy consumption and equipment state archiving, to achieve production information management.

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