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Jawaygroup stainless steel production characteristics

1 production within the burr 304 stainless steel pipe:

304 stainless steel tube product quality is an important aspect of the removal of burrs within the weld, due to space constraints, small diameter 304 stainless steel tube within the burr has been a technical difficulty in the manufacturing of welded pipe.

Therefore, from the welding technology to choose the appropriate welding method is an effective way to solve the problem, the production of small internal burr welding methods are DC welding and square wave resistance welding method. These welding methods have the characteristics of uniform heating, weld smooth, good quality, the formation of small burrs, generally only 0.1 to 0.2 mm. In the case of


2 micro-beam plasma production of high-precision thin-walled 304 stainless steel pipe:
Micro-beam plasma welding of thin-walled welded pipe, outside the weld bright and smooth, the weld is flat and dense, burr height average of not more than 0.031 ~ 0.020 mm, after welding steel pipe diameter ellipticity 0.10 ~ 0.23 mm.

Wall thickness difference of 0.020 ~ 0.034 mm, after cold rolling effectively eliminate the outer diameter ellipticity is too large, the wall thickness difference of 0.002 ~ 0.007 mm, the quality of 304 stainless steel pipe level. Heat treatment, and seamless pipe with the same structure and performance, and the use of seamless tube production of ultra-thin tube of the economic advantages of much less than welding and then cold-rolled processing of thin tube.

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