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High quality stainless steel wire


We are the biggest manufacturer produce stainless steel products in China include stainless steel wire, Stainless steel wire is one of advantage product is also called stainless line, it can be used different applications in all districts, Stainless steel wire has higher corrosion resistance than other stainless steel wire. We adopt advanced technology and equipment to produce stainless steel wire.

stainless steel wire can adopt drawing produce, it has accurate size , it can be used all kinds of districts in different district, stainless steel wire surface is bright and the module and equipment is simple. stainless steel wire corrosion resistance is higher than other products, it also can resist transport and atmospheric corrosion resistance. so it has many applications in our life, such as, it is used for wire mesh, wire rope and burglar mesh etc.

Stainless steel wire chemical composition has below, C≦0.08, SI≦1.0, MN≦2.0, P≦0.045, S≦0.03, NI:10~14, CR:16~18, MO:2~3, As per stainless steel wire application, it can be divided into different diameter,. 3mm diameter used for spring, rope and netting etc. different diameter has different functions, 3mm diameter can resist high temperature, resist corrosion and anti-aging etc.

Our company has long history in stainless steel products, our company founded in 1998, if you have any needs please freely contact me .


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