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Have chosen the most affordable stainless steel screen reasons

So we need beautiful jewelry to our side of the beautiful things to make it easier for everyone to find, more likely to be accepted, stainless steel screen is also such an ornament.

Let people eat at leisure or at home when they can see the beauty of things, we only have to see the beauty of things, will have a good mood to find the United States, will have to find the idea of ​​beauty, and beautiful things will give We bring a lot of good things, like a stainless steel screen.

Placed at home, that is home to taste a sublimation, placed in the hotel that is a feast for dinner can not eat the food, you can say good things always give us a good mood, good hope, We need this kind of beauty, in order to create a better life, to find out more beautiful things.

Of course, each person’s aesthetic different, naturally on the definition of the United States is different, and stainless steel screen is indeed able to meet the needs of most people, there is nothing special, you like what kind of screen, you can go to custom, according to their favorite Shape, style, style to do, so in this respect it is very good!

classification-of-stainless-steel-tread-plate classification-of-stainless-steel-tread-plates

 Stainless steel screen
1, the thickness of stainless steel screen is generally 0.8mm thick, stainless steel frame thickness is generally 1.2-1.5mm,
2, bronze, rose gold, black titanium gold stainless steel screen surface treatment: sheet surface treatment is also divided into two kinds of mirror and drawing, home improvement is generally not recommended with a mirror stainless steel, drawing the effect of some better, practical and enjoyment are more prominent.
3, stainless steel screen style: There are two styles of stainless steel screen, one is the form of pipe welding plating, there is a computer laser welding electroplating process, the proposed use of a. The same time as
4, maintenance: easy to stain the stainless steel fingerprints, you can use a semi-dry wipes or alcohol wipe clean.

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