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Galvanizing Method of Hot Rolled Galvanized Strip

1,hydrogen recovery method galvanized invented in 1937, hydrogen recovery hot galvanized foundation laid a modern hot galvanized base. The product of the production process of hydrogen recovery method is adopted, and its surface quality and galvanized layer are superior to the solvent method.


Recovery method of galvanizing in the strip after the acid washed into the heating furnace, with hydrogen recovery from the pickling after the oxidation of the film, and in the process of heating and recovery of the steel plate surface layer of sponge-like recovery layer, into the zinc pot Can occur a layer of two-way connection is good, the average zinc-iron alloy layer, greatly increased the contribution of the zinc layer, which also decided to its galvanized power loss costs higher.

2, ammonium chloride solvent galvanized invented in 1837. Adopt the product of ammonium chloride solvent production process, because the ammonium chloride solvent galvanized without heating recovery process, the surface quality and galvanized layer of the connection force than the hydrogen recovery method slightly worse. Which also decided that the cost of its galvanized energy loss than hydrogen recovery method of lower zinc.

3, galvanized steel of the amount of galvanized is usually 180-220g / ㎡, in the wet south of the region can respond to the growth of galvanized to 275g / ㎡ to improve the life of steel components. The service life of galvanized products is generally 20 to 25 years.

4, galvanized steel strip of the zinc layer characteristics of galvanized layer can not constitute zinc flower, hot galvanized layer there are zinc flowers, the composition of the process below: When the galvanized belt from the zinc pot into the air after the injection, a lot of zinc liquid was blown Back to the zinc pot, this time the steel profile of another pure zinc layer, was liquid attached to the steel profile, in the steel profile constitutes a large number of crystal nuclei, followed by steel plate cooling, so that the crystal nucleus gradually grow into zinc flowers. The faster the cooling rate, the smaller the zinc flower, the slower the cooling rate.


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