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Color stainless steel plate

Color stainless steel plate now is more and more widely used in dofferent fields. In China, color stainless steel plate has both metal luster and strength, with the colorful, but also has the same color even with a long time. Color stainless steel plate not only can keep the primary physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the stainless steel, but also stainless steel has better corrosion resistance than the primary.

At present, at abroad, they will use a mass of Color stainless steel plate for decoration.

According to the effect of surface classification as below:
Mirror plate (8 k), wire drawing board (LH), grinding plate, and the grain board, sandblasting board, etching plate, embossed plate, composite panels, composite panels)
1. Color stainless steel mirror plate
2. Color stainless steel Hairline plate
3. Color stainless steel sand blasting plate
4. Color stainless steel composite plate
5. color stainless steel and grain
6. color etching stainless steel plate

Color stainless steel plate

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