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cold rolled carbon steel sheet

cold-rolled-carbon-steel-sheets  cold-rolled-carbon-steel-sheet

Applicable grades: SPCC, SPCD, SPCE Symbol: S-steel, Plate, C-Cold, C-common, D-Draw, , E-deep leveling (Elongation).

SPCC is an abbreviation for cold rolled sheet, Steel Plate Cold rolled Commercial.

SPCD-deep drawing cold-rolled material, that stamping with cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, the equivalent of China 08AL (GB / T13237-1991) quality carbon structural steel.

SPCE – ultra-deep drawing cold-rolled material, said deep drawing with cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, the equivalent of China SC1 (GB5213-2001) deep-drawing steel.

SPCEN – To ensure non-timeliness, add N to SPCEN at the end of the grade.

Japan ‘s cold rolled carbon steel sheet

Heat treatment state: A-annealed, S-annealed + flat, 8- (1/8) hard, 4- (1/4) hard, 2- (1/2) .

Drawing performance level: ZF – for the drawing of the most complex part of the drawing, HF – for the drawing of a very complex drawing parts, F – for the pull-pull extension of the parts.

Surface processing status: D-hemp surface (roll by the grinding process after shot peening), B-bright surface (roll by the grinder finishing).

Surface quality: FC-Advanced finishing surface, FB-Higher finishing surface. (SPCE only), product specifications and dimensions, and dimensional accuracy (thickness and / or width, length, and roughness) of the product, as well as the surface finish, surface finish, surface finish,

Marking example: steel plate, standard Q / BQB402, grade SPCC, heat treatment state annealing + smoothing (S), the state of the central processing for the hemp D, FB-level surface trimming (trimming EC, Steel plate, thickness 0.5mm, B-class accuracy, width 1000mm, A-level accuracy, length 2000mm, A-level accuracy, unevenness accuracy of PF.A, marked as: ECQ / BQB 402-SPCC-SD-FB / × 1000A × 2000A-PF.A) Origin: Baosteel, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea Pohang and so on.



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