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904L Stainless Steel Bar

There are almost 580,000,00 tons of stainless steel products are expensed every year in the world. They are used in construction, car industry, estate, chemical industry, airplane, train etc. America and Austrilia is the main regions which demand stainless steel goods. Jaway Steel Corporation Limited produces stainless steel goods mainly. It is a leading company in this line.

Many customers who are from other countries give us positive feedback after using our goods. Our goods are all far above standard quality for many years.

904L Stainless Steel Bar

904L Stainless Steel Bar is a rare material in stainless steel goods, and it is high in price and nice in mechanical properties. Usually, this kind of material is used in house building and bridge. Until now, there are almost 120 elements were found, such as Oxygen, Copper, Carbon, Aluminum, etc. most of them are used into our lives. Fe is a very important element in the world. Many years ago, stainless steel goods were invented and they are very useful in our life.It includes little of Nickle for chemical composition. Stainless steel materials are required by purchasers for construction or other applications.

904L Stainless Steel Bar is large in quantity in Jaway Corporation. There are many surface for it, such as 2B, bright, black, No.4 etc. Pickled aspect can be got, which is also called No.1 finish. Please kindly note that Blcak doesn’t belong to be needed deep drawing goods.

Stainless Steel Bar

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