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304 stainless steel sheet supplier

The 304 stainless steel sheet is the most common product in the stainless steel field. Due to its’ good corrosion resistance and relative competitive price, it is widely used in the building, household items , cabinets, indoor pipelines, water heaters, boilers, bath, auto parts, medical equipment, building materials, chemical, food industry, agriculture, marine parts etc.

The chemical composition of the 304 stainless steel sheet :
C:≤0.08 ,Si :≤1.0  Mn :≤2.0 , Cr :18.0~20.0 ,Ni :8.0~10.5, S :≤0.03 ,P :≤0.035 N≤0.1

Where to find the 304 stainless steel sheet supplier?

The 304 stainless steel sheet suppliers are mainly from China. As we all know, the Chinese stainless steel export amount account for more than 50% in the global market. In China, there are many big and small stainless steel mills such as the Tisco, Baosteel, Lianzhong etc., due to the good quality and low price, the Chinese stainless steel sheet are popular in the world market.

And they can do various kinds of customized products, for example, they can do the cutting, polishing( no.4, BA, brush, BA, and mirror), drilling( many different patterns) etc..

We are also the 304 stainless steel sheet supplier, if you have any need, please contact us freely.

304 stainless steel sheet supplier

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