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304 Stainless steel ball


The company is specialized in producing stainless steel balls (440C, 304,316L, 420,430), while producing carbon steel balls (1015,1045,1085), bearing steel balls (GCR15), copper balls, glass balls, Polishing balls and carbide balls, complete product specifications, according to GB308-2002 standards, and in line with ISO3290-1998, AFMBA1989, DIN5401-93 and other international standards. Can provide you with precision in the G10-1000 range of a variety of specifications of the ball, ball brand "jawaysteel" has been trusted by customers. Products are widely used in aviation, aerospace industry, automobile industry, sprayers, stainless steel bearings, handicrafts, medical equipment, precision instruments, and other hardware supporting products.

The company flagship product of stainless steel ball (440C, 304,316 L, 420,430) in the country occupies a high market share, and enjoy high reputation. In-house the full implementation of management models, while technical guidance to customers and improve after-sales service.

 "Jawaysteel" steel ball in the integrity and quality of the implementation of brand strategy, the spirit of "quality, service, customer first" business principles, the company’s products for domestic manufacturers to provide supporting services, but also exported to Europe, North America, South America and Asia Countries


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