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Q235 Structural Hot Rolled Steel

Posted on 周三, 02 11月 2016 08:25:37 +0000

Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel, also known as A3 board. Ordinary carbon structural steel – general plate is a kind of steel material. Q represents the yielding limit of this material, the latter 235, is the yield value of this material, in 235MPa or so. 16mm <plate thickness / di...

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Stainless Steel Flat Bars

Posted on 周二, 01 11月 2016 07:50:30 +0000

Stainless steel flat bar can be according to the structure of the different needs of different kinds of stress components, also can make members between the joints.Stainless steel flat is with the shap with a rectangular and slightly with pure side of the steel. Stainless steel flat steel can be...

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Stainless Steel Sheet

Posted on 周一, 31 10月 2016 07:15:58 +0000

We are one of the biggest manufacturers specialize for stainless steel products in China include stainless steel sheet, Stainless steel sheet’s has several ,such as, it is hairline, NO.4, 2B and No.1, different surface stand for different applications ,it is with high corrosion plasticity, tough...

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Production Process Of Stainless Steel Wire

Posted on 周五, 28 10月 2016 07:37:31 +0000

Production flow chart of stainless steel wire: Wire rod—–surface treatment—-drawing—–Solid solution treatment—–drawing—– inspection—–packing—–storage 1)wire rod:After purchasing material from mill,need to do some check...

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310S Stainless Steel Wire

Posted on 周五, 28 10月 2016 07:23:04 +0000

Generally speaking,stainless steel material include stainless steel wire, stainless steel bar, stainless steel strip, stainless steel rod, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel tube, stainless wire rod,stainless steel tiny, stainless steel round bar, stainless steel hexagonal bar, stainless stee...

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Stainless Steel Plates For Sale

Posted on 周四, 27 10月 2016 08:52:31 +0000

Stainless steel plate is usually stainless steel plate and acid the floorboard of the steel plate. Stainless steel plate is corrosion resistance steel plate that has weak media such as air, steam and water. In our lives, the stainless steel plate is widely used. Some mills and some traders all i...

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Galvanized Pipe

Posted on 周四, 27 10月 2016 08:35:54 +0000

We are one of the biggest manufacturers specialize for stainless steel products more than 18 years in China also include Galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipe is also called Galvanized steel pipe, Galvanized pipe include hot Galvanized pipe and electronic Galvanized pipe, they have different features...

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ER70S – 3 argon arc welding wire

Posted on 周三, 26 10月 2016 07:21:20 +0000

Description: ER70S – 3 argon arc welding wire ER70S – 3 for carbon steel TIG welding wire, it has excellent welding technology, arc stability, weld forming and beautiful. Application: Used for carbon steel and 500 mpa grade single channel and multi-channel welding of low alloy steel,...

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430 super mirror finish 0.8mm sheet stainless steel

Posted on 周三, 26 10月 2016 07:02:23 +0000

product description 430 stainless steel has all the characteristics of 430 stainless steel, is a good corrosion resistance and general steel, thermal conductivity better than austenite, thermal expansion coefficient smaller than the austenite, heat fatigue, adding stabilizing elements titanium, ...

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Stainless Steel Material Price Rising Is Still Continuing

Posted on 周二, 25 10月 2016 08:17:27 +0000

1. On the shore of the RMB hit a new low of more than six year low of 6.78 close to the historical low RMB against the U.S. dollar continued to decline 24, the bank opened below 6.77, offshore below the 6.78 mark was close to the historical position. China’s central bank still seems to hav...

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Galvanized Steel Cable

Posted on 周一, 24 10月 2016 05:20:34 +0000

Galvanized steel cable is a kind of iron and steel products twist together with galvanized steel wire. There are four section structure including 1×3,1×7,1×19,1×37. Characteristic of galvanized steel cable: 1)Good flexibility 2)Good stability 3)Good reliability 4)High s...

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Steel Wire Rod

Posted on 周五, 21 10月 2016 06:22:07 +0000

The steel wire rod usually refers to the steel coil with small diameter. The diameter of steel wire rod is in the range 5-19 mm (usually 6-9 mm), the lowest limit is the minimum size of hot rolled steel sections. Shape of the steel wire rod: Steel wire rod is the round steel with relatively smal...

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